Verbal communication has emotional impact. Media makes emotions. Speeches raise emotions. So your communication needs to have a clearly defined emotional effect.

Media appearances, holding speeches or giving presentations are stressful tasks. Only if your communication is authentic it will be healthy - for the audience and for yourself.

Your audience has a different agenda. You must lead! Communication is  gentle leadership. Calm. Inspiring. Your Mental strength is what makes you a strong communicator.  

Three Principles for any kind of communication

The next three pages, which you may access via the Buttons above, cover the three main principles of our trainings:  Efficiency, health & authenticity and mental strength. On these pages you'll find advice, useful tips, videos and examples that will help you recapture the experience and the essence of your training. Don't just browse through them, rather work with them. And next time you are called upon to give an interview, to speak in public or to present to an audience, go back to them. This is your 'pre-flight check-list'.